Saturday, 20 April 2013

Bengkel Latihan Industri..Writing Resume and Interview Workshop #_#

Today saya nak share berkaitan bengkel yang saya attend pada sabtu lepas..20 April 2013 sama tarikh dengan penamaan calon..huhu...
Bengkel latihan industri adalah sebagai preparation pada kami student second and third year student~ untuk jalani latihan industri.

Speaker yang menyampaikan talk on that day memang best sangat! iaitu Puan Tharwah bt Kassim~mempunyai syarikat sendiri yang menyediakan perkhidmatan kesetiausahaan syarikat,perakaunan,percukaian dan pembangunan modal insan.

Pengisian hari tuu memang interesting sangat~ Antara part yang best dalam bengkel nie:: pilihan atau kebetulan ??

Apa2 keputusan dibuat mesti ada plilihan..sebagai contoh,kita nak masuk universiti..adakah ia satu kebetulan atau pilihan..bagi saya..ia adalah pilihan sebab saya dah list UM dalam borang UPU application.
So,as a conclusion..semuanya terletak pada diri kita sendiri...ask yourself !!

Salam mesra nie digunakan semasa kita berjumpa seseorang.First,bila kita jumpa seseorang yang baru kita kenal,mulakan dengan ucapan salam..bagi muslim..''Assalamualaikum" dan non-muslim..just say Hello..Hai..
Setelah itu,ajukan 3 soalan macam nama,tempat tinggal,bekerja/belajar ke...soalan yang biase2 jee...jangan melibatkan personal nanti susah pulak nanti nak menjawabnya.One more thing...jangan sesekali bertanya tentang umur dan gaji seseorang,sensitif..hihi....

Lepas tuu,macam biasa,minta diri sebelum mengakhiri perbualan..apa yang penting lagi,eye contact bila kita berkomunikasi dengan seseorang individu dan last sekali senyum :)

Dalam bengkel nie..kami diajar satu pendekatan baru berkaitan menghantar resume kepada majikan nanti. Nak taw macam mane ?? Caranye mudah je..send directly kepada majikan...terkejut bukan ?? tapi ia betul2 menjadi..insyallah...perkara ini telah dicuba oleh speaker sendiri dan ternyata perkara nie menjadi..
Bersama resume jugak..tulis satu surat kepada majikan dan nyatakan hasrat kita untuk bekerja dengan sesebuah syarikat yang telah menjadi pilihan.

Then,untuk kelainan pada yang lain..bagi gambar berukuran 4R !! buat kelainan sikit...contoh kalau kita nak apply syarikat2 besar macam SHELL,PETRONAS ke..cuba bagi gambar kita semasa bergambar dengan logo syarikat..mesti nie menarik minat majikan coz kelainan daripada orang lain.

Nie contoh gambar bersama logo shell...huu..fahrin ahmad tuu ! my favourite actor  *_*

Setakat nie saya pengisian saya pada kali nie..hope saya dapat mempraktikkan apa yang telah diajar oleh speaker setelah menempuh alam pekerjaan kelak..insyallah..Amin...
Last sekali..just nak share kata2 daripada speaker Puan Tharwah...jadilah seperti air yang sentiasa mengalir..walaupun terdapat banyak halangan seperti batuan besar..mengalir sehingga sampai ke lautan.
Macam diri kita jugak..walau apa jua halangan mahupun cabaran yang melanda...tempuhilah ia  demi mencapai cita2 yang diimpikan...:)


Malam Perdana Sembilan Fasa 1 *_*

Today saya nak share berkaitan event kolej yang saya join khamis lepas..pada 21 April 2013.Eventnye Malam Perdana Sembilan 1..Tema pada kali nie,Sukan ~ Majulah sukan untuk negara...Cewahh *_*

Kalau nak taw gambar dekat sebelah siap pegang award lagi tuu ! tapi award kawan..just ambek inspirasi dari dia..mane taw nanti nak involve dalam sports jugak..hihi *_* Yang penting malam tuu semangat pakai baju kolej lagi oke!
JSpecialnye dinner nie jugak..student yang terlibat aktif lam sukan akan d
t award taw !! best kann~~
Tapi saya memang xdapat laa coz xinvolve dengan any sport activities... ^_^

Just nak share pengalaman saya sepanjang dinner malam tu,especially performance,best sangat daripada student kk9 sendiri..memang berbakat besar..masing2 suara dah macam artis...Huu.

Specialnye dinner nie jugak..student yang terlibat aktif dalam sukan akan dapat award taw !! best kann~~
Tapi saya memang xdapat laa coz xinvolve dengan any sport activities... ^_^

Next! tibalah masa yang ditunggu-tunggu...bergambar dgn kak farah af2 !! Kami sempat berborak kejap je laa. Parents dia pun ade time nie..
Kak farah peramah sangat..hope dapat jumpa lagi laen kali....

Mase nak balek tuu,kak farah sempat cakap lagi take care taw !! hihi...
Sweet memory on that day ~
Yang bersama farah dan saya tu,nama dia azra ~ ajk catur kolej~ sama department dengan saya.

 Haa...Nie gambar dengan kak farah af2 !!
Mase nie event dah habiss...
Nie laa wani...kawan baik saya !
Sempat lagi bergambar kann..
I like keep memory..
So, one picture can tell us a lots of meaning. :))

That's all for today....
KK9 sentiasa di hati ~
Lots of Love.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Novel Villette Charlotte Bronte *_* want to share about sinopsis that i already read.The title of this novel Vilette ~Charlotte Bronte~ ::

Villette begins with its famously passive and secretive protagonist, Lucy Snowe, age 14, observing her godmother, Mrs. Bretton, Mrs. Bretton's son, Graham, and a young visitor, Paulina Home, known to everyone as "Polly." The child is a peculiar little thing and soon develops a deep devotion for the younger Graham, who showers her with attention until her stay is cut short when her father comes to take her away.

Lucy left the house soon after the child's departure, and after some initial hesitation, she was hired as a carer by Miss Marchmont, a rheumatic crippled woman. Soon she was accustomed to her new career and host, and started feeling content with the quiet lifestyle. However, in an evening with dramatic weather changes, Miss Marchmont magically regained all her energies and felt young again. She shared her sad love story of thirty years previously with Lucy, and concluded that she should try to treat Lucy better, be a better person since then and would get together with her dead lover through death. In the very next morning, Lucy found Miss Marchmont peacefully lifeless in bed.

In the ensuing years, an unspecified family tragedy forces Lucy into action, causing her to seek employment, and at age 23 she boards a ship for "Labassecour" (French for 'farmyard' and based on Belgium) despite not speaking a word of French on a hope that maybe she may find something in a new place. After arriving in the capital city of Villette, Lucy finds work as a teacher at Mme. Beck's boarding school for girls (which can be seen as a literary representation of the Hégers' Brussels pensionnat), and thrives despite Mme. Beck's constant surveillance of the students and staff.

Dr. John, a handsome English doctor, frequently visits the school because of his love for the coquette Ginevra. In one of Villette's famous plot twists, Dr. John is later revealed to be Graham Bretton, a fact that Lucy has known but deliberately concealed from the reader. After Dr. John discovers Ginevra's unworthiness, his brotherly instincts turn his attention to Lucy, and they become close friends which she values very highly despite her usual emotional reserve. We meet "Polly" again at this point (although her father has come into the title de Bassompierre which makes her now Paulina Home de Bassompierre) when Dr. Bretton saves her from being trodden upon at the theatre one night. They soon discover that they know each other and renew their friendship, which quickly blossoms into something more. The two fall in love and eventually marry, which Lucy has long seen coming, and she understands without sharing their facile happiness.

At the same time, Lucy has the first of several encounters with a shadowy nun in the attic who may be the ghost of a nun buried alive on the grounds for breaking her vows of chastity; in a highly symbolic scene, she finally finds the nun's habit in her bed and destroys it. She later discovers it to be the disguise of Ginevra's amour, de Hamal.

Lucy finds herself becoming closer to a colleague, the fiery schoolmaster M. Paul Emanuel; the two eventually fall in love. However, a group of conspiring antagonists, including Mme. Beck, the priest Père Silas, and the relatives of M. Paul's long-dead fiancée, struggle to keep the two apart, and finally succeed in forcing M. Paul's departure for the West Indies to oversee his plantation there. He nonetheless declares his love for Lucy before his departure, and arranges for her to live independently as the headmistress of her own day school or externat, which she later expands into a pensionnat. Villette's final pages are ambiguous; though Lucy says that she wants to leave the reader free to imagine a happy ending, she hints strongly that M. Paul's ship was destroyed by a storm on his return from the West Indies, killing him. She claims, for example, that "the three happiest years of [her] life" were those before M. Paul's return journey, which would suggest that he did indeed fall victim to the "destroying angel of tempest". Brontë described the ambiguity in the ending as a "little puzzle.

Rising above the frustations of confinement within a rigid social order,it is also a story of a woman's right to love and be loved.

~sharing is charing~

Monday, 15 April 2013

Back To My Hometown ^_^

Fly to Kelantan !! hehe...

Syukur Alhamdulillah..genap 4 april yang lepas..saya balek ke kelantan.Lebih kurang seminggu cuti mid sem.Memang hari tuu mood balek kampung all out !! Dah laa hari tuu ade test bahasa jepun..lepas jawab test dalam kul 5..saya terus gerak ke LCTT bersama my junior..waniey *_* dia yang urus semua sekali pasal tiket..coz dia memang semangat bab tempah tiket neh..hehe.Thankss a lot to waniey for accompany me that day.

Perasaan nak balek kampung?? xyah cakap laa..gembiranya hanya Tuhan je yang taw...huuu..balek2 kampung jugak tapi esaimen sume jangan dilupakan taw..mesti buat! our responsible as a student...hik

Time neh dah nak berlepas,sempat lagi posim.Huu

Sampai setakat nie sharing saya pada kali nie..Bye2 @_@
Assalamualaikum..jaga diri,hiasi peribadi oke...